Skate City QCA & Laser Tag Alley




Open Skating

$5.15 Skating

(Includes Small Soda)

 Skate Rental $3.09 extra

 Laser tag game $4.12 each

8-9pm the white lights are

turned on and we offer advance  lessons with the Quad City Cuttaz Skate Group

Monday and Tuesdays we are typically closed to the public unless we are having a special skating event. 

Mon. & Tues. are available for private events. 

Please inquire about private events on the  Contact us Tab.


Open Skating


$7.21 Skating

 Skate Rental $3.09 extra

Laser Tag Game $4.12 each

Friday Night Late Skates

October 4th, 2019

November 1st, 2019

December 13th, 2019


$20.60 Admission

Includes unlimited

pizza and Soda from 7-11pm

Skate Rental $3.09 extra

Laser Tag game $4.12 Each

Friday Family Night

Open Skating


                                    $8.75  Skating                  

Skate Rental $3.09 extra

Laser Tag Game $4.12 Each

     $12.36 Unlimited Laser Tag (3 game guarantee)


Skate Lessons 12-1pm

provided by the Quad City Cuttaz

Learn to skate every Saturday at 12pm

Walk-Ins: $10.30

Sign up for 4 weeks: $25.75

Skaters of all skill levels welcome!

Open Skating


$7.21 Skating before 5pm
$8.75 Skating After 5pm

Skate Rental $3.09 extra

Laser tag game $4.12 each